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At no such thing as a free bike tour Barcelona all our English speaking guides are students of the history of Barcelona


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Our daily Barcelona bike tour lasts around three hours!


No such thing as a Free Bike Tour!

Unfortunatly there is no such thing as a free bike tour, but our tours are great value for money!

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Barcelona’s charm is famous around the world making it the 3rd most visited city in Europe. Our bike tour Barcelona was designed to show Barcelona in all its glory to visitors, catering to their needs and demands while also serving the city and its inhabitants. There is so much to see in Barcelona: 2000 years of history, urban stories, beautiful streets and squares, golden beaches, boutiques, markets, people and cultures…all contributing to a vibrant city, rich in diversity and experiences.

Visitors to Barcelona discover so much more by bike in three hours than in three days on foot or from the seat of a tourist bus. Our Barcelona bike tour team of trained guides are well versed in the history and the workings of the city and with fascinating anecdotes and memorable stories they show the authentic truth and uncover the secrets to Barcelona, while visitors ride relaxed and free around the city by bike.

Barcelona is a very bike friendly city with more than a 158km of cycle lanes. The city’s mild and sunny climate allow for all-year-long outdoor activities.

Our Barcelona bike tour tours stick to bike lanes and pedestrian streets avoiding traffic wherever possible and always follow the flattest ground. Our tours are designed for all ages to enjoy and stops are frequent and every hundred meters, to discuss the sights or have a drink.

This is the best bike tour in Barcelona!

We run and operate the best bike tour that the city of Barcelona has to offer we are here to share the information of our beloved city. If you feel the tour was worth it, our guides do accept tips give what you want and what you feel is appropriate.

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We want to try to make our bike tour in Barcelona as fun and friendly as possible and feel that’s the best way to deliver quality information about this wonderful city we call home.


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Frequently asked questions


What landmarks are covered on the bike tour of Barcelona?

During the three hour tour, we cover some of the most famous sights that the city of Barcelona has to offer the most notable attractions are the Christopher Columbus monument, the face of Barcelona, Cathedral de Barcelona, Arc de Triumph Barcelona, Parc Ciutadella, Sagrada Familia and the port/beach

How can I book the bike tour of Barcelona?

The only way to book a spot on bike tour Barcelona is via the website booking page. bike tour Barcelona has limited numbers and we always reach capacity so book your spots now or miss out.

Where does the bike tour Barcelona meet?

We meet outside the entrance to Barceloneta metro, You need to book your spots before showing up as we can only bring 20 people with us on each tour.

Can kids come on our bike tour Barcelona?

Yes sure! we can accommodate kids of all ages!

Does bike tour Barcelona take large groups?

Yes, we do but you will need to get in touch with us as we handle all large groups as private groups. This allows us to be a little more flexible with times and tailor the tour around your group

Bike Tour Barcelona: A Story…

My friends and I had been looking forward to our holiday in Barcelona for ages. We only had three in the city before we were going to finish our Spanish trip in Valencia. After a fair bit of discussion and reading online we decided the best way to see the city would be by bike as many forums were saying how cycle friendly the city is. Sean had done a bike tour in Prague and loved it so we typed in bike tour Barcelona into Google and had a look at the options. Near the top of the list was Bike Tour Barcelona. After reading some glowing Trip Advisor reviews we booked it for the following day.

At 1.45pm the following afternoon we went at Barceloneta metro station down by the beach and met our guide. She was a really charming Finnish girl called Noora. She had lived in Barcelona for years and had been working on the tours since the previous spring. We arrived a little early so there was a short wait for the rest of the group to arrive but Noora was very chatty asking where we are all from and how our holidays we going.

When everyone arrived, there were 14 of us in total we took a short walk to the Bike Tour Barcelona office. When we were there we were all given a bike which all had different names inscribed on them! I had Sophie, Sean had Jesse and Emily had Mary Poppins! When we all had our bikes we were lead to the first stop by Noora. It was a lovely route hugging the port Vell around to the Columbus Statue at the bottom of La Rambla. When we all arrived Noora found us some shade under a tree which was great because it was quite hot out! She gave us a brief introduction about Barcelona and the history of the city, then told us the story of Christopher Columbus. I had no idea that Columbus had started all his voyages from Barcelona, that it was the capital of Spain at the time, it was such an interesting account of, what turned out to be, a pretty unpleasant man! One thing that struck me right away was how well Noora engaged all of us in the group. Even though English wasn’t her first language she spoke very clearly and was very engaging and spoke very passionately about the subject.

After we finished there we went on a cycle lane down to a big colour face sculpture. We had seen it on the way down to Barceloneta metro and had no idea what it was but Noora filled us in on the blanks! It was made by Roy Licenstein and was commissioned for the Olympics. She told us a little about how much the Olympic games had done from the city promising to tell us more s the tour went on. Our next stop she took us on a back route through the Gothic area to the Cathedral. It was at this point I thought how thankful we were to have a guide showing us all this and these routes because we never would have found our way otherwise! The cathedral is so beautiful and there is a huge square in front of it where we stopped to listen to Noora’s speech. It was an extraordinary story about a girl in the 3rd century who rose up angainst the Romans who occupied Barcelona at the time, then her subsequent torture and death at the hands of the Romans and about how her life is the first evidence we have that Christianity had arrived in Spain and that is why the Cathedral is dedicated to her. It was such a moving tale I looked over to Emily at the end and there were tears in her eyes and mine as well!

When we left the cathedral we took another back route to get to the Arc De Triumph. We heard some fun facts about the Arc and other Arc de Triumphs around the world (the biggest one in the world is in North Korea I remember that!) And then the next stop was right next to the Arc which was Park Ciutadella. Cycling through the park was so lovely, there are lots a paths to cycle on then all of a sudden we were brought in front of the most beautiful fountain which were told is called ‘Cascada’ which means ‘Waterfall’ in Spanish. Noora told us the history of the park, why it was named so, which is a crazy story about it being a fortress and it being bombed from a mountainside!

After a little break and a wander around the park we took the next leg up to Segrada Familia, Gaudi’s famous church. It is incredibly overwhelming when you suddenly find yourself underneath that beautiful church, which from certain angles looks like a big sandcastle! Noora told us all about Gaudi and the building process which has been going fro over 100 years! We couldn’t go inside because you need to book your tickets online a day in advance but after we had been given a taster on bike tour Barcelona we all said then and there that were going to go back tomorrow to go and have a look inside! We all had a lot of questions about the church and Gaudi and I was very impressed as to Noora’s knowledge in answering even the most obscure questions!

After Segrada Familia we took a one long road with a bike path all the way down the middle to get to the Port Olimpic for our final stop. Here we heard about what the Olympics did for the city, I really had no idea how much the city changed because of the Olympic games! I don’t want to give away too many spoliers because you should hear them in person but the beaches in Barcelona are man made and all the sand is actually from the Sahara desert in Egypt! It was shipped over and the beaches were built for the Olympics!

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