The 2 euro sandwich of Barcelona!

Now when it comes to the sandwich there is one place everyone raves on about ( I find it highly over rated) and that is a place called Bo de B its located just next to the main post office in the Gothic quarter there are lines of Americans waiting for there sandwiches each lunchtime, if your here to read about that, then your going to be very disappointed. 

Instead we turn our attention to a little known place called Al Atlas, its a Moroccan run sandwich place in the less desirable Raval neighborhood, Its on the main strip the exact address is: Rambla del Raval, 30, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Now this place knows how to make a sandwich you can choose from a Tuna for 2 euros which is my favorite or for an extra euro you can have either chicken or beef. These sandwiches are big and in my poorer days use to serve as both lunch and dinner, they come jam packed with all the usual fillings tomato, onion, grated carrot, Halal smoked mortodella, lettuce, pickles and the killer is at the end the guy stacks a massive amount of fries on top, it is then rolled up in tin foil and can only be described as a submarines torpedo, they are huge.

The service is fast and friendly, your new Moroccan friend Mo I think his name was will have your Tuna sub  ready in a few minutes, the chicken or beef ones take around 5 mins as all the meat is cooked to order. You can eat in or I prefare to take mine to this little park around the corner. I would also recommend trying  there  Moroccan mint tea though to many of them might give you diabetes its absolutely delicious. They are open everyday from 10.30AM – 2.30AM yeah I know Moroccans love working! if breads not your thing sit in and have a salad trust me you wont regret this place.

Now if you fancy something a bit different and definitely off the tourist track forget about bo de b and there dry sandwiches that take an hour to prepare and give this place a try!