Bike Tour Barcelona

Our Bike Tour

Free bike tour Barcelona has proven to be a massive hit and is one of the highest rated daytime activities that the city of Barcelona has to offer.

We have changed the mold for the modern day bike tour and offer a fun, entertaining and exciting historical journey around some of Barcelona´s most famous landmarks for FREE!


Tour distance

Total distance 12.5 km

Split up into manageable small bike rides threw Barcelona


Tour length

Just under 3 hours

The tour is a nice length and gives an easily digested amount of information in that time.


Landmarks covered

7 in total

The bike tour stops at some of the most interesting places in Barcelona, with each stop our guide will thrill you with the history of the city we have come to love.


  • Columbus monument 
  • Face of Barcelona
  • Cathedral De Barcelona
  • Arc de triumph
  • Parc Ciutadella
  • Sagrada Familia
  • The port & Beach 

5-star rated!

Free bike tour Barcelona is one of the highest rated daytime activities and we are proud of our 5-star rating!

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Testimonials from some of our customers

We had such a great time on Free Bike Tour Barcelona! We met Noora at Barceloneta metro station. She was very sweet and chatty which helped pass the time as we waited for the rest of the group. There were 9 of us in total so a nice size! A short walk to the bike office where we got the bikes and we were off! We hit so many of the main sights along the way, the Columbus statue, the cathedral, Sagrada Familia. Noora was very knowledgeable about everywhere we visited and was open to questions. Highly recommended.

Jenny, 25, Arizona, USA

The day before I did Free Bike Tour Barcelona I did a walking tour around the city centre, it was on the walking tour a bike group passed and I wished I was on one of those bikes! You get to see so much more of the city on a bike and it was so much more fun! Our guide René was such a character, very funny and engaging. You tip at the end though I gave a little more than the walking tour because we had bikes! Definitely the best way to see the city!

Cameron, 36, Sydney, Australia

I hadn’t ridden a bike in quite a few years and was slightly worried as to how I would fare on a three hour bike tour! Fortunately the course was very flat and easy to ride and the pace was very manageable. It really is the most wonderful city to cycle around and seeing by bike was fantastic! I got quite emotional when we got to Sagrada Familia I had wanted to see it for such a long time! It was good to learn about all the building because the next day we went back and went in all the ones we wanted. Thank you so much Free Bike Tour Barcelona!

Sharon, 51, Kent, England

We had a great time on the Free Bike Tour today! The ride is easy, the bikes were great and we saw all we wanted to in the city in under three hours! Most tours you pay for up front. This one you tip at the end. Me and my better half gave 20 euros each which considering how much fun we had and the sheer amount of the city we saw was the bargain of the trip!

Terry, 36, Liverpool, England

Our son did Free Bike Tour Barcelona last summer on his Eurotrip and was so enthusiastic about it we decided to see what all the fuss was about when we came to Spain. Even for us older generation the tour was not a difficult ride and it was a lot of fun. The group we had great as was our guide Liam! Don’t miss this one!

Karim, 51, Vancouver

This really is a fantastic was to see the city. In three hours we covered all the main spots we wanted to see. Noora our guide was very kind and really knew the history of the city. We did a lot of research into bike tours and this one seemed fair because you pay in tips rather than 30 euros up front. My wife and I gave 15 each, considering it is three hours of very enjoyable entertainment we thought it was well worth it. I will certainly be recommending Free Bike Tour Barcelona to any friends travelling through the city.

David, 46, Tel Aviv, Israel

I love a bike tour and I try and do one in every European city that I visit. Free Bike Tour Barcelona was the first free one I’ve come across, usually it’s the walking tours that are free! I met the guide at Barceloneta metro station just before 10am then we walked to the office and picked up the bikes. It was certainly one of the gentler bike tours in terms of the riding as the city is so flat and 95% of the time we were in bike lanes which felt very safe. The guide, I’m ashamed to say I’ve forgotten his name, was very kind and knew so much about the city I was very impressed throughout!

Vincent, 35, Manchester, England

I was on a bit of a budget travelling around Europe so I was excited when in my hostel a couple of guys told me about Free Bike Tour Barcelona in my hostel. They had just come back from it and were banging on about it so much I signed up for the next day! The tour was a lot of fun. René our guide was cool and knew a lot about the city. We stopped off often so it wasn’t a strenuous 3 hours at all. Definitely recommended to anyone who has limited time in the city and wants to pack it all in!

Stephen, 29, Queenstown, New Zealand

This was such a fun day! All of us were a bit hungover when we got to the meeting point but once you are on a bike you cycle off the hangover very quickly! Nora was such a great guide, she really took care of us making sure the group were all together at all times when cycling around. It is the best way to see the city by far! Highly recommended!


Charlene, 22, Los Angeles, USA

This was my third bike tour in as many weeks in Europe. I loved all of them, especially Berlin. The difference with the Free Bike Tour Barcelona is that you always feel very safe. The tour is pretty much exclusively on bike lanes. René our guide was great with the group and made sure no one got lost. He knew so much about the city, I even tried to throw him a couple of curve balls but he knew the answers! All in all this was a great way to spend the morning learning about the city and its history. The tours in Berlin and Paris both cost 30 euros, I gave that as a tip in Barcelona, it was well worth the money.

Dillon, 32, Byron Bay, Australia

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