Expat Cinema and days out

People in come Barcelona for a variety of different reason…you can lie in the beach, you can see the beautiful variety of culture in the city, or enjoying some of the best nightlife in Europe in the superclubs down at the beach. But if you are not here for a purely hedonistic experience there an many options of activities where you can get your buzz in other ways that won’t succumb you to a brutal hangover the next day!

Sometimes, even though you are in Barcelona – one of the most beautiful cities in the world – you just need to go see a movie. There is nothing like seeing the latest blockbuster on a big screen! Especially when it’s either raining, or it is violently hot during summer and the cinemas offer such darn good air conditioning and a comfortable environment to boot!

Luckily, because the city of Barcelona is not only the most beautiful city in the world, but is also deliciously cosmopolitan there are a number of cinemas where you can go and watch the latest releases in their original language. Namely, English. Anyone who has seen one of their favourite movies in another language knows that it is never quite the same!

Films that are shown in their original language in Spain are called version original’ although you will often just see V.O. or V.O.S.E. And there are a number of cinemas to choose from depending on whether you want to see the latest 3D, no expenses spared, Hollywood blockbuster or whether you don’t want to miss that little arthouse flick.

Here are the cinemas in Barcelona where you can see an English-language films:

Icaria-Cinema Cineplex

C/Salvador Espriú, 6, 08005, Barcelona, Spain

The Icaria is a large multi-cinema complex close to the beach showing blockbusters in the original version with Spanish subtitles. Expect 3D, popcorn, large cups of coke, and lots of choice.

Cines Renoir

Eugeni d’Ors, 12, 08028, Barcelona, Spain

The Renoir is part of a chain of independent cinemas showing some mainstream and some world cinema.

Cines Verdi

C/ Verdi, 43, Barcelona, Spain

Verdi is a cute little cinema in central Gracia showing a great range of current non-Blockbuster-y delights.

Cinemes Méliès

Calle Villarroel 102, 08011, Barcelona, Spain

Another cute place where all the films shown are shown in their original version.

Filmoteca de Catalunya

Avenida Sarrià 31-33, Barcelona, Spain

A range of foreign and arthouse films – both new releases and old films are shown.

Multicine Balmes

Carrer Balmes, 422-424, Barcelona, Spain

A brand new multi screen cinema showing a range of films although mostly mainstream blockbusters.

But if you are not a fan of staying indoors while the sun is shining there are plenty of other activities you can do in the city.

If you are into adrenalin sports there are plenty to choose from. These range from Jet Skis, Power boating and banana boats. All are available from Aguadoo Barcelona Water Sports, Escullera Poble Nuo 20, 08005, Barcelona, Spain.

Parasailing is a spectacular experience, getting dragged behind a speed boat and lifted up high into the air giving you a spectacular and unique view of the city from up high. Prices start from 60 euros for this fantastic experience which definitely a bucket list view of the stunning shoreline.  

Hiring a scooter and riding around the city is a really fun way to see it. A scooter is the best and a Vespa the most stylish way to get around. Instead of renting a regular scooter, you can get the more stylish experience for the same price: A hip red Vespa – like in the movies! You can relax at the beach, drive your way to Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, it gives you absolute freedom to go where ever you want in your time frame. You can rent the scooters in Barcelona per hour or per day. This is perfect for cool couples and friends. The best rental place is Via Vespa, right downtown in El Born. Prices start from as low as 9€ per hour. Head to Carrer de la Princesa, 56, 08003, Barcelona, Spain to pick one up!

If a scooter is not fast enough then why not go all out and hire a Ferrari! Have we ever told you about the time we drove a Ferrari through Barcelona?
You can seriously rent a Ferrari, and the best part: Prices start from only 88 euros! Enjoy the speed of the beast, going from 0-100 in 3.8s. You can choose to drive it on one of 3 routes, the best being the drive up to Montjuic and making a lap of the old Urban F1 circuit. Make sure you bring your own camera, you will want evidence to prove to your friends that you actually did it. You can place your own GoPro on the car to get some cool video footage to make your friends even more jealous. For more information head to get www.getyourguide.com

For me personally, a scooter is the best option for Barcelona. In terms of the cost and the fun you have you simply can’t beat it. However, you can also cruise around in the tiny, fun GoCars. These may be a slightly safer option than scooters plus it feels like racing as Mario Kart through the city. Besides the feeling of Mario Kart, you also have an electronic tour guide with you. So you will be lead through the city and get some info on buildings and sights as you pass. It’s a full day tour and starts from 59€ per person. The driver’s age has to be minimum 21 and you have to bring your driving license. To book head to www.gocartours.com

There really is an extraordinary amount of activities to do once you are here. Don’t lay in your hostel bed trying to sleep off your hangover get out there and get involved in! Once you have had an epic day of exploring and fun the beer at the end of it tastes so much better!