Free Tour Barcelona

A free tour of Barcelona? Yes, it’s true. We offer A free bike tour of Barcelona you simply book your spot by renting one of our bikes we only. charge 4€/hr and then the tour is completely free our guides work hard and do accept tips if you enjoyed the tour we would say do the right thing and tip your guide but on the other hand, if you didn’t enjoy the tour please feel free to tip your guide nothing. 

What do I get when I tour for free?

A three-hour tour of Barcelona covering all the major landmarks including Sagrada Familia. You will be shown around by one of our expert Free Tour Barcelona guides who are there to give you the facts at all our stops and answer any questions you may have

So if its a free tour do we get hassled to buy stuff?

We do not sell you anything on the tour, there is no sales shark trying to hassle you to buy other tours or tickets for anything like you will find on most other free tours. We are there to give you recommendations on restaurants if that’s what you want, best times to visit certain attractions and other information you would like to know but we do not try and sell anything. Our guides at the end will remind you about our tip policy and that’s it!

The only thing we try and push is please review us, as a small free tour we desperately need the reviews massive companies that charge loads are always trying to push us out the way, with your reviews small free tours like ours can survive!

Can’t ride a bike?

Well if you can’t ride a bike firstly I feel sorry for you because you won’t be able to enjoy the best free tour in Barcelona, secondly it’s not all bad because Barcelona has. loads of alternative options that in my opinion are not quite as good but they’re still enjoyable. We do have plans to start our own free walking tour in the future but for the moment we are concentrating on the free tour that we currently run as we believe you can see just so much more on a bike than you can on foot, most free walking tours have either a gothic tour or a Gaudi tour on our free tour we can cover both in the same amount of time as it takes to one of the free walking tour options.