Things to do in Barcelona

Now, there are hundreds of things to do in Barcelona they are plastered all over the internet but in this article, I am going to outline a few options that you must visit, some you will know, others are a little less know. So here we go let me count down some of my top-rated things to do in Barcelona. As well as the tourist attractions I am also going to list some great food spots. 

Free Bike Tour. Barcelona, now you might think I am putting this here because I run it, but that is far from the truth. I have traveled all over the word and taken hundreds of tours many of them right here in Barcelona and I have to tell you that the bike tour that we run is beyond the best one that I have been on. I am not one of the bike tour guides I simply help put the tour together so I cannot take full credit for how good the tour is. I regularly go on it with friends and family and everyone absolutely loves it, my dad even tipped a whopping 20€ because he enjoyed the tour that much.

Feel free not to trust me as I myself would be skeptical about a tour operator telling you how good there own tour was, if you don’t believe me and want some reassurance head over to Tripadvisor, Facebook or Google check out our reviews and see what people are saying about us, 5 star review after 5 star review with the occasional 4 star review cropping up mostly from people with nothing but good things to say about our free tour. We cover all the major landmarks with a couple of things thrown in you might not have expected, the tour lasts around 3 hours and starts and finishes in the La Barceloneta neighborhood.

Sagrada Familia, Yes this is definitely on every list you are going to read about sightseeing in Barcelona, but its there for a reason it’s absolutely breathtaking inside and out! Though viewing from the outside is amazing in its own right, I was blown away when last year I ventured inside for the first time, the stained glass windows and the colors that flow inside because of them was something to see and I would recommend paying the entrance fee just because of that. The detail of design right down to the smallest detail is the real charm of Sagrada Familia, “The devil is in the details”. It gets extremely busy in the summer months if you want to enter so we suggest purchasing your tickets way in advance to avoid disappointment.